As soon as you arrive at your destination, you must check in at the Hosting university in order to formally start your mobility. To do so, please meet with the Hosting university contact person or go to the office that they will tell you.

Scholarship Contract

Upon your arrival at the Hosting university you will be required to sign the Scholarship Contract application/pdf (153.94 kB).This document includes all the rights and obligations of the grantees regarding the mobility and the related scholarship. Please read this contract carefully before starting your mobility. Upon arrival at your Hosting university you will be required to sign it before you can receive your scholarship.

Travel documents

Upon your arrival at the Hosting university you will be required to deliver the following documents:

-          flight boarding passes in original;

-          reimbursement request application/pdf (65.79 kB) for additional travel expenses directly incurred by you, as described above, together with original receipts.


After arrival, you will be required to enrol at the Hosting university. The procedure may vary depending on the Hosting university and on the mobility level. In order to enrol, you will need to deliver some documents, therefore please check in advance with your Hosting university which is the procedure and which are the documents that you will need to deliver to formally complete the enrolment.

Residence permit

The immigration law normally requires foreign citizens to apply for a residence permit within a few days of arrival in the country. This is a different document from the visa that you will already have received in your home country. Your Hosting university will assist you in requesting the residence permit after you have arrived.

Bank account

The European University involved as Home (for European grantees) or Hosting Institution (for Non-EU grantees) will pay your subsistence allowance by money transfer to your European bank account, normally on a monthly basis. If you don’t have a bank account in Europe, you will need to open one for receiving the scholarship. Your Home or Hosting university will assist you with this.

Academic Arrangements

Upon arrival you must deliver the Learning Agreement or Workplan with all the signatures in original to the Hosting university. In case you later need to modify your Learning Agreement or Workplan, please be aware that any change must be agreed with the Home and Hosting university and you will need their signatures on the modification page.

Language courses

Some Hosting universities require all incoming students and scholars to attend a local language course at the start of the mobility. Your Hosting university will alert you in case this language course is required, recommended or just available, providing you with all the relevant information.