Selection Outcomes - Third Cohort

Selection Outcomes - Third Cohort

The selection of applications received within the Third Call for Applications (Third Cohort) has been concluded.

The Partnership has received a total of 268 applications completed within the call deadline of April 6, 2014. Applications not completed before the deadline are not valid.

As envisaged in the Call, the selection has been performed with transparent and fair criteria and in compliance with the European Commission’s Minimum Requirements for the Selection Procedure. Selection criteria are merit and the Erasmus Mundus cross-cutting issues.

All applicants (selected, not selected and reserve) have been notified by email that the selection outcomes have been published on the project website. All selected applicants receive an email confirming the positive outcome and a scholarship offer that must be signed within 7 days to confirm acceptance of the scholarship.

Please check your application’s outcome in the WELCOME Selection outcome list - Third Cohort application/pdf (106.97 kB)

For privacy and data protection reasons, these lists do not include the applicant's name but only the application's identification number (UID). Your application's UID is found in the email messages that you have received when applying.