Selection Outcomes - First Cohort

The selection process has been completed. 

The Partnership has received a total of 1.696 valid applications closed within the call deadline. All other applications are invalid.

Valid applications have been evaluated and applicants have been notified with a personal email message.

The Selection outcomes are published here in three lists:

List of SELECTED applications

Applications selected for a scholarship at the specified Hosting University. The applicant receives an email notification including a scholarship offer letter that must be signed to confirm acceptance.

List of RESERVE applications

In the following months, but no later than the end of 2012, applicants in the reserve list may be selected and receive a scholarship offer in case a selected candidate will withdraw from the program.

List of NOT SELECTED applications

The list includes the reason why the application was not selected.

WELCOME Selection Outcome List application/pdf (126.31 kB)



For privacy and data protection reasons, these lists do not include the applicant's name but only the application's identification number (UID). Your application's UID is found in the email messages that you have received when applying.

Candidates applying to more than one Hosting University

1) applicants selected for one Hosting University cannot be selected for other Universities they have applied to;

2) the outcome of the application to each Hosting University can be different, depending on its completeness and quality in relation to the general selection criteria and the Hosting University's specific requirements as described in their academic offer.


Selections have been performed according to the criteria described in the Call for Application and in the specific section of this website. You may appeal to the Consortium’s decision by writing to the Consortium ( within 10 days from the date of your personal notification email. The appeal must be documented with well justified reasons. The Consortium will reply within 45 days of your appeal.